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Eligibility Criteria

Prospective entrants must hold a basic medical qualification recognised by the General Medical Council and be based within a supervised training programme at the time of commencing the course.

UK trainee applicants will be expected to have completed initial (ST[specialist training years] 1-2) or (CT[core training years]1-2) and early intermediate (ST3) phases of their training programme and will normally be commencing intermediate phase (ST4) of their training.

Candidates from outside the UK or those not within a recognised training programme will be required to demonstrate that the course is directly relevant to their ophthalmic surgery training.

Applicants should have completed a minimum of 24 months of core training in the surgical specialties and 18 months of specialty training in ophthalmology before enrolling for the ChM.

Applications from established, independently practising ophthalmologists will also be considered.

Please see Scholarships and Student Funding Services for information about funding opportunities.

NHS bursaries worth £1000 may be available to eligible students training in Scotland in Year 1. For more information and to apply please click HERE

Required Documentation

Applications are made online (see Apply for guidance) and scans of supporting documentation will be required.

To be eligible you must:

  • Upload a scan of an acceptable basic medical degree certificate, MBChB (or equivalent), as recognised by the General Medical Council.

  • Upload a final degree transcript for your basic medical degree (this is an official university document, normally though not always issued at the same time as the degree is awarded. It lists all the courses and grades you received during your degree).

  • Provide contact details of one referee. You will be given the opportunity to enter your referee's email address to the online form; the system will then email your referee automatically. This allows your referee to upload your reference electronically to your application. If you obtain your reference personally, the reference MUST be on the headed paper of his/her institution and must be signed by the referee.

  • Prepare a personal statement confirming you are continuing your learning in a supervised clinical environment.

  • If English is not your first language, you also need to provide evidence of proficiency in English. such as an IELTS or TOELF, any English language qualification tests must have been passed at the required level within two years of the start date of the programme.  English language qualifications dated over two years ago are not acceptable. (see link below)

International students